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If you’ve ever asked yourself…

“Why doesn’t my job excite me anymore?”

“Why can I never stay happy in a job for long?”

“Why can’t I seem to find a job that uses all my skills?”

“How do I find work that matters to me?”

Welcome to The Career Switch Podcast.

We bring you real stories from real people just like you who have made transformative shifts to careers that bring them more fulfillment and more meaning.

In this podcast, we’ll dive deep into the specific actions and steps people have actually taken to make a major career change – whether it’s between industries, roles, or sectors. We’ll look at everything from financial planning, to the support of friends and family, to overcoming major obstacles and setbacks along the way, and much more.

Each week you’ll get new stories, actionable takeaways, and high-value content that will give you the confidence, skills, and real-life examples you need to plan, and execute, your career switch – as many times as you want to make one.

We’ll explore the psychology of careers…

…why what seems like an exciting career opportunity might not seem so exciting when you’re finally “in it…”

…why your current life circumstances play a huge role in selecting your next opportunity…

…why you should plan to change your career more than once throughout your life…

…why people with more generalized experience are successful…

…and why you should think about your career as a journey, not a destination.

Join me as I dive deep to explore how and why we create meaning through our careers.

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