Episode 13: From Theater to Therapist

As we start to wrap up Season 1 of the show, one of the things I’ve learned most throughout all of these conversations has been that in order to make a career change, you have to also re-evaluate your identity. We grow and evolve so much throughout our lives that we actually become different people – so much so that sometimes, making a career change is inevitable.

A wonderful example of this is my latest guest, John Sovec, a therapist and coach who works with clients on career transitions, goal setting, and motivation. After a thirty-year career in theater and managing entertainment for a large corporation, he realized that what made him feel most fulfilled was applying his natural affinity for empathy and caring to helping others, and made the decision to transition into his new career. Today on the show, we talk about letting go of one identity to make room for another, creating space to become who you want to be, and setting goals while allowing yourself the flexibility to adapt to new situations and opportunities.

I hope you enjoy this insightful and inspiring conversation. You can learn more about John at https://www.johnsovec.com/

Listen on Apple, Spotify, or anywhere else.

Read the transcript here.

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