Episode 14: From Finance to Meditation: Recognizing Your Calling

Happy Memorial Day, dear listeners! I hope you’ve been enjoying the show so far, and I’m excited to share yet another inspiring, insightful story with you today.

Marissa Cole began her career in finance within a division of the private equity firm Blackstone group. After a transformative experience with meditation – something she had fallen out of touch with during her studies and early career – she followed her passion and is now founder and lead instructor of Mind Guided Meditation. Her company partners with corporations to teach individuals and teams a modern, secular, research-based approach to meditation, focusing on the science behind what meditation does to our brains and bodies, to empower them to create their own meditation practices and reach their greatest potential. 

Today on the show, we discuss the major shift that happens in our careers and our lives when we realize something fundamental about ourselves. I hope you enjoy this inspiring conversation. 

You can find out more about Mind Guided Meditation and Marissa’s practice at https://www.mindguidedmeditation.com/

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Download the transcript here.

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