Episode 20: Learning by doing with Jemma Smith

Hello everyone! Over here in LA, we are gearing up to head back to school starting next week -and I thought our next guest was perfectly timed for the beginning of the school year. So, if you, your kids, or anyone else you know is gearing up to learn in service of your career, I highly recommend giving this episode a listen.

Jemma Zoe Smith began her career as a strategy consultant, working across companies such as Proctor & Gamble, KPMG, and Credo Business Consulting. A 3-time Oxford graduate, Jemma worked during her studies to expand access to education for underrepresented sectors, and realized a passion for the education space. Now, Jemma works as an international tutor and education consultant through her tuition agency, The Education Hotel, where she focuses on students ages 11-18 – and she recently launched her second business, Top School and Uni, offering advice on UK schools and universities. On this episode, we talk about overcoming imposter syndrome and taking the leap into doing something you love – even if everyone around you is doing the “normal thing.” 

Let me know what you think!

Listen on Apple, Spotify, or anywhere else.

Download the transcript here.

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