Episode 21: Career Pivots for Teachers with Daphne Williams

Over here at my university, classes officially start today – and around the country, so many students are on their way back to school. The last 18 months have been a journey (to say the least) for teachers, who have had to deal with so many emotionally, mentally, and physically in caring for their students remotely and then dealing with the change of going back to school. For many teachers, this time has forced them to re-evaluate their lives and careers in this new context – and who can blame them?

That’s why Daphne Williams does what she does. A former teacher herself, Daphne has built the Teacher Career Coach platform and podcast to help current teachers transition into new careers that they love. After struggling to identify careers she was qualified for with her own transition, she created the community she wished she had for other teachers. On her podcast, she shares stories and advice for teachers looking to find other career options, and on her platform, she shares a free quiz, along with courses and resources to help teachers identify potential new career paths. Today on the show, we talk about the unique obstacles and options for teachers looking to find a new career.  A timely episode for back-to-school season full of great tips and resources for anyone looking to make a career transition. 

Check out the Teacher Career Coach’s resources here: www.teachercareercoach.com/careerswitch

Listen on Apple, Spotify, or anywhere else.

Download the transcript here.

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