Me looking super serious and professional. I promise to update this to something more fun soon.

Hi, I’m Elyse, and I’m a serial career switcher.

I’ve worked across industries including advertising, law enforcement, entertainment, travel, and higher education.

I’ve worked in roles ranging from digital/social media strategist, to process improvement, to chief of staff.

And I’ve developed skills in marketing, strategy, process improvement, speechwriting, public relations, board governance, and now…podcasting.

I started this podcast because I believe that a fulfilling career is an ever-changing career. A career shouldn’t define us – we should define it. It’s within all our power to take ownership of our careers and change them as we ourselves change.

After all, you aren’t the same person you were ten years ago – so why are you in the same career?

My own career journey began once I graduated college, when I was determined that I wanted to be a digital strategist for life. I worked at a number of advertising agencies and PR firms in New York City.

And then…I got bored.

I started to think that if the only tool you have is a hammer (i.e. marketing), everything becomes a nail (i.e. solving all business problems with a social media strategy). So I went to business school to transition into management consulting…

And got recruited by the FBI. After 4 years working across roles spanning counterintelligence to human resources to community engagement, I became a speechwriter for Disney Parks – and now, I work at a top university.

Through it all, I’ve realized how much I love expanding my skills and challenging myself to learn an entirely new industry, role, or organization. More importantly, even though many of these roles involved doing things I hadn’t necessarily done before, I’ve developed a set of overarching skills that helped me succeed in each of them: project management, communication, managing “up” and “down,” and relationship-building.

I’ve changed my career 4 times now – and you can too.

I have talked with dozens of people just like you who are looking to make the switch:

  • Seasoned experts and executives who are unstimulated or wondering what’s next
  • Dedicated professionals who have had extremely successful careers in their chosen fields, and are looking forward to their next challenge
  • Contractors who have served for years on the outskirts, looking to break out of the cycle
  • Disillusioned, frustrated employees who want to see what else is out there

But the idea of making a change is intimidating. Maybe you’ve been in one field your whole career and don’t know how your skills translate. Maybe you’ve painstakingly built up hundreds of contacts only to find that your network doesn’t exist outside of your specialty. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the number of choices for companies and potential roles.

That’s why I’m bringing you stories of people who have actually done it. So you can learn from them, copy them, and explore what is driving you to make a change. I hope to build a community of like-minded people taking action on their careers.

This is about taking ownership of your career. This is about experimenting, finding what resonates with you right now, and feeling okay with the idea that it will change – again – eventually.

I believe in you. Whatever your reason for making a change, I’m here to help.

Let’s take this journey together. Won’t you join me?

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